January 2nd, 2013

Favorite Corners of My Old Kentucky Home.


My Christmas vacation is quickly coming to a close here in Kentucky/Cincinnati (yes, near where “Peeta” is from). It’s been super cold and snowy, but one thing I’ve missed more than Jay-Z misses Kanye being single is the space and the natural light. My tiny Brooklyn bedroom/apartment doesn’t really afford me any extra light or space, so it has been nice to stretch my little body out. Here are some of my favorite parts of my house:


My mom had this really big “travel” and “vintage” period, and I love these quirky old suitcases because they are simply decor. They serve no purpose aside from making the house feel like a home.



My mom has had these records since she was in high school. That peach box is real, it’s not some prop from Urban Outfitters. How cute?! I’m sure she doesn’t listen to the records anymore, but maybe one day we will.


Between the first picture and this one, you can hopefully tell what my mother’s favorite animal is. She adores elephants. There are elephants in almost every room of the house


This has been one of my favorite things since I was a kid. My sister and I used to pretend we were the two women in this tapestry and we would make up stories to go along with it. As an adult, I just love the Egyptian influence. Very swank.



At first, being black, the idea of living in the woods seemed like we were breaking all of the horror film rules. After living here for a while I started to feel more in-tune with nature. Almost like Pocahontas but less hot. The two decks on the front of my house that overlook the stream and my mother’s plant habit bring the outside in at every turn. I’m going to start buying plants for my NYC apartment asap.

And there you have it! All of these lovely things that I just love and plan to miss about my home.


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September 17th, 2012

How to Stop Being Such a F%$@!ing Hater…

Who is getting on your nerves right now? Who can you simply not stand at all? Who would you like to see walk across a mile of legos?

Pause. Reflect. Why do they make you feel that way?

If you are anything like me and dug deep enough into your loathing, you’d realize that maybe your investment in disliking this person is rooted in envy. I.e., You’re being a total hater.

I’ll use Kim Kardashian as an example. I don’t keep up with the Kardashians. I find Kim Kardashian to be not only shallow, but dying for attention. She is the proverbial Tinkerbell that will cease to exist if we don’t clap to keep her alive. She can’t go more than 3 minutes without saying something completely moronic and aloof. Her family, while entertaining (who doesn’t love Lord Dissick?), even seems to be annoyed by the constant spectacle. She is rolling in the dough simply because people are intrigued by her high-class lifestyle even if she is about as intellectual as a piece of toast. In short: she has a lot of money and fans for shallow reasons.

I’ve never been slow to announce my extreme hatership of Kim. No one dares bring up her reality show on E! in a conversation with me because I could list an endless amount of things more interesting and important than what happens on that show. Truthfully, I’m sipping some serious haterade—I’m jealous of Kim Kardashian

Who wouldn’t want to get paid millions upon millions of dollars just to show up places? Who wouldn’t like to get free stuff when they can afford to pay? Who wouldn’t want to be so rich and powerful in the media that even the low things people say about them are too far beneath them to hear? Who wouldn’t want to be one-degree away from Beyonce and Jay-Z? WHO?

But being a hater is a huge waste of energy. I wasn’t born into the richest family in the world and I don’t plan on being in a sex tape with a B-List celebrity. I’m not coming out with a fragrance any time soon because I have nasal allergies and no one would buy it anyway. But the point is really to:

Stop focusing on other people and their lives. You can only control your own. If you are fighting me on this, stop and re-read that sentence.

You. Can. Only. Control. Your. Own. Life.

If you want what someone else has, or at least some semblance of it, make a plan and get it for yourself. Be so focused on what YOU want that you don’t even notice people who may have gotten it more easily or faster. You’ll be surprised how much more you accomplish.

And as for me and Kim K.: while I didn’t wait in line to meet her at Fashion’s Night Out, I don’t dislike her that much anymore. I respect that she has continued to create product lines and streams of revenue for herself, and now I’m focusing on getting my own some day.

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September 7th, 2012

Takin it to the Street: The Rest of Fashion’s Night Out 2012!

If you saw my last post, which happened very recently, you saw that I participated in Fashion’s Night Out. It’s this great event (that is quickly becoming my new favorite holiday) that takes place in Manhattan the night before New York Fashion Week really kicks off. 

There’s loads of great deals, parties, celebrities, giveaways, and people just dressed really freakin cool. 

Reality tv stars completely took over Lord & Taylor on 5th and 38th! The lines were so long, but management kept us busy with games, keys that could unlock boxes filled with goodies, and booze. Glorious, glorious booze.

Every floor had a dj and some interactive element. Whether you were meeting Kim Kardashian or just hanging out in the photobooths, there was plenty to do.

I even got to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Keiko Lynn. The direct pictures I took of her came out totes blurry and obviously I went rogue paparazzo and snagged this one.

The big trend I saw everywhere were studs. I’ve finally been convinced to buy a pair of studded heels.

Then I took it to the street and just photographed as many cool looking people as I could:

Have you ever been in NY for Fashion Week? Do you have any recommendations for the next few days?

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