August 31st, 2013

For Dan’s birthday, we went to the Detroit Tigers vs. NY Yankees at Yankee Stadium. His birthday was way back in mid-May, but I know how much he loves his, “Motor City Kitties” so even though he had a stomach ache and a fever that day, and even though his team lost, we had a great time in the Bronx. This was one of the most summery things we did this summer, and I wouldn’t have traded this experience for anything. 

xo - Akilah

October 24th, 2012

Cupcake O’Clock

We’re adults now. That’s right, we can wear the same pants more than one day in a row. We can stay up past 9. We can make cupcakes on a whim at 10:30 on a Tuesday—and that’s just what me and my friend/my roommate’s girlfriend Melissa decided to do last week!

Let’s just admire her beautiful tattoo for a moment.

Pro tip: Watching movies ruined by their obnoxious 80s synth music scary movies while the cupcakes bake is highly encouraged.

I love these silly little nights with my cute little Brooklyn family. And the cupcakes were pretty darn tasty too.

Still blowing kisses because I’m deathly ill,


February 6th, 2012


In the next few months I’d like to go to a few. The two I’m looking most forward to are:

SXSW. (South by Southwest)


These conventions are completely different. SXSW is basically three weeks of music, tech/internet stuff, and film stuff (I’d probably only get to go to a weekend of the tech stuff). Playlist Live is all of the coolest youtubers giving talks, hanging out, partying, and teaching the ways of all things “viral” (well not all things, eww).

They are consecutive weekends though, so I will likely have to sit out SXSW until next year. Ho hum. In the meantime, you can check out my awesome youtube channel HERE. 

I’m super excited about it! The countdown begins! (T minus 46 days!)

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