August 8th, 2012

That Time I Met Chescaleigh (And Registered to Vote!)


As I’m sure you all know (since I’ve beat this dead horse to the point of it coming back as a zombie now…), I moved to New York about 6 weeks ago. One thing I had been ultimately unsure about was if I’d have to absentee vote again this year (I was in Disney World during the presidential election of 2008) or if I’d have to get a New York State ID to be able to vote here. I was clueless until Chescaleigh posted on her blog about hosting a voter’s registration event for the Andrew Goodman Foundation.

For those of you who don’t know, I am an avid YouTuber hoping to start making videos full time in the near future. Of course I adore Chescaleigh! Her videos are great, and she seems to have a level head on her shoulders. What’s more, she was hosting an event that I needed to attend, in an area of town I hadn’t yet explored (Greenwich Village is so my style), about an organization that I much admire.

The Andrew Goodman Foundation aims to help disenfranchised groups register to vote, and to educate them on policies and procedures that may hinder their ability to vote on election day. Andrew Goodman himself was fighting for that cause in the 60s when he was kidnapped and murdered by the KKK. The event’s purpose was to not only register unregistered voters, but also to inform them about current voter laws being proposed across the US.

So I met Chescaleigh, and she was bubbly and adorable (and tall, I didn’t think she’d be tall), and she gave me super advice for starting improv courses at Upright Citizens Brigade. Maybe if I’m lucky we can work on a sketch together. Hint hint hint. (I really hope she reads the tag “chescaleigh” on here…)

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