August 5th, 2012

Around the Neighborhood: Dough Doughnuts, Clinton Hill.

The moment I moved to Clinton Hill in Brooklyn, everyone was telling me about the great things to do right down the street. That’s part of the charm of Brooklyn, you are in walking distance from great little shops and eateries all the time.

Well the first place that anyone mentioned was Dough Doughnuts. They raved to me about it! “It’s Zagat rated!!!” I didn’t even know what Zagat was, but I’m now absolutely certain it’s a high honor.

Dough makes fresh donuts, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Probably starting at 4 a.m. through close at 7p.m. They have new unique flavors that are rarely associated with donuts. Just look:

The space is small, with only 2-4 seats, so it’s kind of a grab and go establishment. But it’s really the industrial/warehouse/open feeling that makes the place. There is definitely an experience that it provides that screams “YOU’RE IN BROOKLYN OKAY. WE’RE TOO HIP TO FUNCTION.”

I bought the Dulce De Leche for my friend, Brittany, and I got the Cinnamon Sugar one for myself! The donuts are huge, even for my big mouth, and one is more than enough.

So now that I’ve past on my raving, it’s safe to say that I totally recommend this place and if you end up in Brooklyn, you must make an effort to stop in!

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