It's Akilah, Obviously!

Apr 16


Anonymous asked: Where are your milkmade videos??

Coming up! I got new flavors this week, so you’ll see some more soon!

Apr 15

Apr 14

25 Internet Celebrities You Should Be Following Right Now -

Super flattered to be mentioned on vh1's list!!

Apr 12

Anonymous asked: Akiliah, how did you get where you are today? I'm totally in love with your videos and I want to do exactly what you do when I'm in college/an adult (ah!). I'm still in high school but, I'll be graduating next year. I'd love it if you could help make my dreams come true! xD <3

Thanks for liking my videos! You’d be amazed how much thought goes into each and how much work Tim and I have been putting in. That said:

I’ve gotten to where I am now (read: laying in bed pantsless editing a video on a Saturday night) by figuring out what is most important to me. I am constantly checking in with myself about my life and goals. They’ve shifted a few times, and I can say with full honesty that there were times that I clearly lost sight of them, but checking in reminds me about that totally obtainable endgame. Chasing your dream is never easy. I’ve sacrificed a lot, and will continue to because I love making people laugh— I want to do it full-time and collaborate with people I love and always be improving my stuff. It doesn’t really make for much of a YOLO/TONIGHT WE ARE YOUUUUUNG lifestyle, but it does make bigger things possible. 

I have no doubt you can make it to where I am. If your ambitions are similar, get a headstart on me! Start writing and creating now! Don’t wait until after high school or college. Put your voice into the world and keep trying and improving and evolving.

That’s about as close as I’ll come to making your dream come true, so I hope it was helpful!

xo - Akilah